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COVID-19 PPE Efforts

Engineers in the Innovation Hub are using their expertise and equipment in a campus-wide effort to create personal protective equipment to keep up with the needs of health care providers in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Innovation Hub has created partnerships with WVU Health Sciences Center, Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design and Eberly College of Arts and Sciences to develop and test surgical mask extenders, face shields and intubation boxes for use in WVU and local medical facilities.

Previously a dedicated prototyping center in the Statler College, the Innovation Hub has quickly transformed into a testing and production facility. While the facility is not a manufacturing center, the team hopes to create PPE templates that will be used by companies who have the capacity to undergo mass distribution.

All materials produced by the Hub are donated to local health care facilities on behalf of the Statler College.

“The responses have been overwhelmingly positive, and people are incredibly thankful. The hardest part is trying to tell everyone that we are the ones that are thankful for what they do and the risks they take every day by just going to work. We are just trying our best to support them in the fight.” — Innovation Hub Staff

The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment

Template Downloads

Kelsey Crawford showing mask extender                       

Surgical Mask Extenders

Includes: directions /materials /processes, extender templates

Download ZIP file (6MB) : Surgical Mask Extenders

Face Shield

100% scale and 90% scale template Materials for face shield and visor insert: 0.03-inch or 0.04-inch polycarbonate Materials for visor: .125-inch polycarbonate

Download ZIP file (231KB) : Face Shield

Assembly Video : Face Shield

Dental Face Shield

Includes: materials needed, 100% scale and 90% scale templates

Download ZIP file (41KB) : Dental Face Shield

Intubation Boxes

Includes: materials needed and template

Download PDF Template (109KB) : Intubation Boxes

In the News

Material Donations

As manufacturing centers across the nation are stepping in to create personal protective equipment, the supplies used to produce them are dwindling. If you have access to or know those who may have access, the Innovation Hub is in need of the following: 

  • Sheets of 0.03-inch or 0.04-inch polycarbonate 
  • Sheets of .125-inch polycarbonate
  • Cones of spun poly thread, size T-40 in white 
  • Sheets of Halyard sterilization wrap - H400

We ask that if you have connections to obtaining these materials, you please consider donating them to the Innovation Hub. Please reach out to Gene Cilento at or by phone at 304-293-4088 if you would like to donate materials or have questions about templates.